Ni Hao [你好 “hello”] and welcome to the Chinese Program!

At our school, we offer Mandarin Chinese as our language program. Our students study Chinese once a week and our Chinese lessons are based on a functional and task-oriented curriculum. This helps our students acquire useful language skills that they can use in their day-to-day lives. In the Chinese program, students focus on developing language skills as well as cultural understanding.

We incorporate Chinese songs and fun activities in each lesson to help our students foster a passion for language learning. In addition to developing language skills, our Chinese program places a strong focus on digital literacy. This is to enable our students to use language on digital platforms and learn how to work collaboratively.

Aside from academic skills, our students also learn a variety of cultural practices such as how to use chopsticks, making traditional crafts, playing Chinese hacky-sack and some martial arts as they progress through the year levels.

We understand the importance of helping our students become global citizens with a keen understanding of Australia’s neighbouring countries in Asia. Therefore, the ultimate goal of our Chinese program is to build their linguistic and intercultural competence.

Kevin Yang |Chinese Teacher
Brunswick South-West Primary School