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Foundation, Grade 1 & 2 students return to onsite learning on Monday 12th October between 9:00-9:15am
Our P-2 students will begin the day before our year 3-6s to allow for suitable supports to be available. This is primarily because the junior classrooms have all changed, and the children will have to be escorted to their new classrooms. We are also aware that the children have had such a long time away from school, we want there to be enough adults around to support them in transitioning back to school.

P-2 children will have a new classroom, new places to line up, possibly different toilets to use etc. All of the Prep-2 students will need to meet their teachers on the basketball courts on day 1 – they will be guided to do this by leadership on the gate. Unfortunately parents are not allowed on the site; each gate will have Judy, Lucy, myself and another teacher, to welcome your child back to school. Please encourage your child to say goodbye quickly to avoid any congestion. Please make sure you are keeping social distance as you approach the school, and that you are wearing a mask. Children under 12 do not need to wear a mask, and no children are required to wear a mask at school, but can choose to.
If you have children across multiple year levels, they can come to school together, but on the first day we ask all P-2 students to arrive between 9:00 and 9:15.

Grade 3-6 students will return to onsite learning on Tuesday 13th October between 8:45-9:00am
Students will have to walk straight to their classroom. They cannot play on the playground or basketball courts before school. Ben’s class, and Cath/Kim’s class will have to meet their teachers on the basketball court on day 1, as they also have a new classroom to find. As with the P-2 students, you (parents) will not be allowed to enter the school grounds, will need to wear masks to school, and will need to maintain social distances as you say goodbye to your child.

Please note, there will be remote learning tasks for the years 3-6 students for Monday 12th October. The year 3-6 teachers will be busy supporting our P-2 students on this day and will arrange to catch up with their class on zoom at some point during the day.

As we did last time we returned to school, we will be having staggered finish times. Students are to be collected from the oval.

Please ensure that any parents entering the school grounds:

· Socially distance

· Wear masks

· No playground use whilst waiting, or once you have your child

· Please leave immediately – do not hang around talking/socialising

· Please do not engage in lengthy conversations with your child’s teacher – please make an appointment for discussions

If you have children in multiple year groups, please collect them at the latest time, and let your child’s teacher know.

Contact with teachers

· We aim to minimise the face-to-face contact of our staff with parents.  However it is crucial that we continue to have open channels of communication. Please don’t hesitate to email your child’s teacher, or phone the school, to communicate with your child’s teacher or with a member of leadership.

· If you need to visit the office, we recommend calling the school first on 9387 6886 to see whether it is something that can be resolved over the phone. The office is open from 8:30am to 3:45pm. If you need to come into the office, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Student SAFETY

· As a school we will be asking children to be respectful of each other’s personal space and will be encouraged to socially distance as much as possible – they should not hug their friends, or shake hands, high 5 etc. (same as last time).

· Students are not required to wear masks to school.

· A student who is at all unwell (even a slight cold) must stay home and is not to attend school until well again.

· If a child shows signs of illness, parents will be contacted to collect them from school.

· Students should bring a full water bottle each day, as drinking from bubble taps will not be permitted. Water bottles can be filled at drinking troughs.

· Students will be reminded to wash hands regularly (liquid soap provided at all locations).

· Hand sanitiser will be available in classrooms and students will be required to use it when entering and leaving the classroom.

· Doors and windows will be kept open as much as possible to allow ventilation.

· During playtimes and recess, the children will have a 3-6 play area and a P-2 play area to avoid children playing across year groups.

· We would prefer that bikes and scooters were not brought into the school grounds unless absolutely necessary. If you do cycle to school with your children please leave your bikes outside of the grounds.

We again thank parents for their support and hard work during the period of Home Learning.

It is recognised that some parents may still wish to keep their children home from school due to concerns about COVID-19. It is important for parents to advise the school of student absence as you would normally do. However, as teachers will have resumed face-to-face teaching, online learning will no longer be provided to students after their year level has returned to school. It is not feasible for teachers to deliver both a face-to-face and an online curriculum.