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Brunswick South-West Primary is committed to offering excellence in education within a vibrant and nurturing community.

Educating the whole child—physically, socially, aesthetically, emotionally and intellectually—is fundamental to everything we do here at Brunswick South-West Primary School. Children learn in different ways, and at different rates. To ensure a happy and successful school experience for your child, we provide:

·    A welcoming community and sense of belonging

·    Positive relationships with teachers and other children

·    A calm and friendly atmosphere

·    An in-class buddy and a buddy from the senior school

·    An Engagement & Wellbeing Program to develop confident and resilient human beings

·    A multi-age setting with learning at an appropriate level. Children are stretched in some areas, supported in others and given leadership opportunities

·    Individual Learning Plans


School Values:

·    Learning: We value empowering each student to explore and engage with the world.

·    Respect: We value, embrace and celebrate diversity.

·    Fairness: We value honesty, trustworthiness and equal opportunities.

·    Communication: We value the free and confident expression of ideas and opinions.

·    Courage: We value self-acceptance and the courage to learn, grow and realise one’s potential.

BSW provides a comprehensive curriculum through the Victorian Curriculum. We are open to new ideas and educational initiatives that ensure that our curriculum stays rigorous and lively. Strong literacy and numeracy curricula underpin all our programs. We have a long tradition of Inquiry Learning and deep thinking, nurturing your child’s natural curiosity. A 1-to-1 netbook program operates for Years 3 to 6.

Our high quality specialist programs are Library, Italian (Years 4-6), Mandarin (F-3) Physical Education, Reading Recovery, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Some of our rich complimentary programs include:

·    Bike Education

·    Active Travel to School

·    School gardening

·    Chess

·    Student leaders program

·    Swimming

·    Camping program, Year 2 overnight camp, senior school camps, Italian Camp, Somers

·    Interschool and community sport

·    Art challenge program

·    After school care and holiday programs

·    After school instrumental music program

·    After school circus/drama program including aerial work.

We take pride in our diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our school community is built on a tradition of inclusiveness and a sense of shared belonging and shared projects:

·    Waratah Special Developmental School Satellite Classrooms

·    A friendly and welcoming parent community

·    Active School Council

·    Parent volunteers – classroom, kitchen garden, library, phantom mowers

·    Fundraising

·    Community literacy volunteers

·    Working bees

Our multi-award winning, expansive school grounds provide space to run and play and dream:

·    Oval

·    Kitchen garden

·    An adventure playground

·    Basketball and netball courts (indoor and outdoor)

·    Junior School courtyard

·    Shaded play areas

Our facilities include:

·    Contemporary teaching spaces with interactive white boards,

·    PCs and multi-media,

·    Well-equipped library, art and Chinese rooms,

·    Hall with stage and equipment for performing arts and kitchen for classroom use